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Our consultants are among the best in their fields and have deep knowledge and experience.

If you just need a very experienced person to help your team for a few hours or have a large project that requires full outsourcing to a team that has “done it before”, we can help.

Often described as the “CIO / CTO in a box” solution, Tony Nicholls and Rob Halasz will lead a series of planning workshops with your leadership team to help drive out a strategic plan while building consensus and focus.  This engagement is normally championed by a “C-suite” executive in the organization.

If your organization needs help to drive business strategy through technology then this can be an ideal solution.  We often work alongside CIO’s / CTO’s to help facilitate strategic workshops and build alignment with business stakeholders.

  • Align business and IT Strategy
  • Identify opportunities to leverage IT more effectively
  • Develop pragmatic technology roadmaps
  • IT Governance (planning and execution)
  • Business Continuity Planning

Outsourcing or transforming your IT infrastructure could benefit an organization tremendously, but it comes with significant risks.

If not well planned and staffed with very experienced resources the project can incur significant and unexpected costs.  The IT provider that you are transitioning into may be limited in how much they can help you through the changes from your current state.  Great Ideaz can be an extension of your team and help you through the entire transformation process.  We can provide very flexible arrangements so that you have the help when and how you need it.

  • Transformation planning and execution
  • Infrastructure and Application Architecture
  • MS Active Directory and Exchange migrations
  • File share and database migrations
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Application Assessments and Transition Planning
  • Physical to Virtual or Virtual to Virtual Migrations
  • Microsoft and Open Source based infrastructure migrations

Great Ideaz can provide maintenance and on-call incident management for your Information and Communications Technology infrastructure and applications.

Because we have resources that have deep knowledge of server infrastructure, network infrastructure, and application development; we are uniquely positioned to provide tailored support arrangements for your organization.

Unlike traditional support models that are limited in scope to specific “parts” of IT systems, we can explore with you a support structure that covers any gaps in on-going maintenance and support.

  • Manage physical and virtual server infrastructure
  • Manage network infrastructure
  • Manage systems to database and application layer
  • Monitor utilization and service levels
  • On-call incident resolution support services
  • Data backup and recovery support

Great experience with software is achieved by merging elegant function with superior engineering.

The Great Ideaz team has decades of experience building application solutions.  We have created innovative development frameworks that allow us to build very complex and secure application solutions in as little as a few weeks.  We are always interested in solving tough business problems – please challenge us!

  • Secure web applications on Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Native mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Highly scalable and robust business workflow solutions
  • Process automation and reporting
  • Fast time to market
  • Low development cost and risk

The Great Ideaz team consists entirely of very senior consultants that are experts in their field.

For this reason we are often asked to provide various organizations (both big and small) with recommendations of their current use of technology.  We take a very practical and “shortest path” approach to conducting assessments so that time and cost is minimized.  We will never “boil the ocean” and strive to minimize the amount of time required of your staff throughout the process.

  • Microsoft-based (.NET, ASP, etc.) application architecture
  • Open source and PHP-based application architecture
  • Network infrastructure (WAN / LAN) triage and design
  • Server and Desktop Virtualization (VMware, Microsoft, Citrix)
  • Email Infrastructure (MS Exchange, other) triage and design
  • Microsoft Active Directory triage and design
  • Cloud and traditional hosting implementations

We can help by taking a full leadership role in your entire virtualization project or simply augment your team with access to our subject matter experts for your planning and implementation.

Virtualization of servers and other IT appliance hardware is an obvious choice for many organizations that are looking to get the most value out of their IT infrastructure costs.  Over recent years the manner in which storage and other resources are utilized has gone beyond looking at servers and storage area networks (SAN) to the entire datacenter footprint.  We have a ton of experience with the discovery, design, and implementation of virtualization solutions.  We can also assist with physical to virtual or virtual to virtual migrations.

  • VMware, Microsoft, or Citrix based virtualization platforms
  • Virtual Network appliances including Cisco and other providers
  • Datacenter storage virtualization
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) design and implementation
  • Virtual Host design and implementation
  • Physical to Virtual and Virtual to Virtual server migrations